BookMyParts – K P Tech Group supplied Oxygen

Under Combat Covid initiative, has supplied 100 Oxygen Concentrators to hospitals, individuals, institutions and others to fulfill the need for Oxygen for fighting Covid-19 on a no profit basis.  As a responsible corporate citizen, it is our duty towards the nation and our fellow citizens to fight pandemic. We @ believe that Businesses should continue to strive to serve the country during tough times.

Oxygen Concentrators is beneficial to cure the diseases of heart and blood vessels system, chronic pulmonary system, the brain and blood vessels system and particularly to Covid-19 patience. Oxygen concentrator extracts oxygen from atmosphere air. It can supply oxygen to 1-2 patients simultaneously.

Among the customers who bought Oxygen concentrators includes hospitals, trusts and NGO, corporates, individuals and government. As a responsible corporate citizen, Oxygen concentrators are provided on a no profit basis.