What is Tester? 

  • The Tester must be in contact with the live wire while the user’s body is near the metal cap on top of the screwdriver.
  • Once the Tester detects voltage, this completes a simple electrical circuit, and the bulb will turn on.
  • A tester is a tool or machine used to check the functionality of another device or equipment.
  • Testers determine the voltage between a line or conductor and the ground or how two voltages are related in phase.
  • A tool that pulls current from the source being tested is called a live line tester. This current travels to earth through a resistivity chain and an earth lead.

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  • A line tester is an electrical tool that checks for electricity in different cables and electrical outlets. The most straightforward approach to reviewing current and voltage in any socket or circuit is with one of these testers.
  • Every electrician’s toolbox needs to have these testers. It has a resistor and an LED. The flow in the Tester identifies the phase wire when the tip is placed on it.
  • Qualified electricians use electrical testers to check for voltage, amperage, continuity, shorted or open circuits, and faulty wiring. 
  • Some of these tools are also beneficial for do-it-yourself homes. Your understanding of wiring will significantly increase after you learn to recognize various electrical tester kinds and comprehend how they work.

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