What is Steel File Set? 

  • Most file types and sizes are included in this file set for use around the house, garage, workshop, work site, or office.
  • Perfect for polishing, smoothing, and shaping delicate metal, plastic, and wooden materials.
  • A file is a hardened steel bar or rod used in metalworking and hardware to smooth or form things, especially metal ones. It has multiple small cutting edges raised on its longitudinal surfaces.
  • Metals, wood, polymers, and polymer clay can all be filed, shaped, debarred, set, chambered, smoothed, and finished using these tools.

Why should you buy Steel File Set from Bookmyparts? 

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Buy Steel File Set at an affordable price:

  • Hand files are made from alloy steel material. High-carbon steel guarantees life and strength. 
  • The steel file set is perfect for woodworking and metalworking enthusiasts like Gunsmith or Hobby modelling.
  • The metal files are made of carbon steel with a high-hardness Peel file set.
  • Fine-grained composition is deeply relieved and covered for long-lasting cutting operations.