What is Crimping Tools? 

  • A crimping tool is used to bend the material and establish the connection. When working with wires, crimping is frequently used to join or connect them to other connectors. 
  • By bending one or both pieces of metal to hold the other, a crimping tool is used to join two pieces of metal. A crimp is a name given to the tool’s finished product. Crimping can be seen in connecting a connector to the end of a cable.
  • A method of attaching two or more pieces of metal or other ductile material by deforming one or both to hold the other is called crimping the metalworking industry. The crimp is the term for the angle or malformation.

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  • Crimping or pressing materials or components together to establish a seal uses various crimp tools. One of the most typical uses of crimping tools is to attach connectors to the ends of electrical cables. 
  • Numerous crimping tools have several uses, enabling compression, bending, cutting, stripping, and other related operations. While some models support a variety of gauges, the majority are made to operate with particular cable, wire, or pipe diameters or gauges.

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