What is a Tile cutter? 

  • To cut straight lines in ceramic and porcelain tile, a manual tile cutter is a straightforward scoring tool. They are employed by those who lay tile.
  • Use ceramic tile cutters to cut ceramic tiles to the desired size or shape. They can be in many shapes and sizes, from straightforward manual instruments to intricate power tool attachments.
  • Using a hardened metal wheel to scrape a straight line over the tile’s surface initially, the ceramic tile cutter applies pressure precisely below the bar and on each side of the line above.
  • Tile cutters use a sharp metal wheel to scrape the tile surfaces through the line and then apply pressure to both sides of the line under and over the straight line.

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  • When breaking tiles, high-end tile cutters can deliver more than 1000 pounds of force and securely hold all tiles and thicknesses.
  • A rubber mosaic pad is necessary to cut intricate shapes or create works of art from tiles. Presented in a carbon box.