What is Flap Disc? 

  • An abrasive flap disc is used to contour and form metal. It is frequently used for welding, machining, heavy-duty equipment operations and industrial maintenance and is made up of overlapping abrasive flaps attached to a backing plate.
  • These discs can be found in non-woven surface conditioning material, interleaf, and felt (non-abrasive) variants, in addition to being commonly constructed with sanding sheets covered with aluminium oxide, zircon, silicon carbide, or ceramic abrasive grains. 
  • Zircon flap discs are the most popular and may be used for grinding and finishing in one operation.
  • Flap discs are frequently used in the industrial, food, dairy, and agricultural industry because of their strength, adaptability, and longevity. We have flap discs in a range of densities available for shipping if you need grit ranging from 24 to 120.

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