What is the hot air & glue gun? 

  • Hot Air Gun: A heat gun or hot air gun typically blows a jet of hot air. Engineering, applications, labs, and workshops regularly use this power-driven equipment. The most basic configuration of a heat gun consists of a heating element, motor, and fan. The fan allows hot air from the heating element to pass through the tool’s nozzle. Due to their relatively simple design and the wide range of jobs they can perform, heat guns are among the most affordable power tools on the market and a wonderful addition to any toolbox.
  • Glue Gun: A tool that is used to apply or disperse hot, melted adhesive is a glue gun. The electric element of a hot glue gun heats the glue sticks to a temperature of 180 to 200 °C. Liquid glue is subsequently released through a nozzle after the trigger is pulled. The frame for the glue gun is made of plastic. Hot glue guns, whether manual or automatic feed, are helpful for various craft projects using materials such as paper, wood, cardboard, metal, beads, jewelry, and other items. For home renovation work, glue guns – which can be battery- or mains-operated- are equally useful tools.

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 Considerations to make when buying craft Hot Air & Glue Gun!

  • Wattage: The 100 to 120 watts that glue guns typically utilize are adequate for your activities. It is advisable to choose glue guns with an on/off power switch or button rather than plugging in the equipment and having power flow continuously.
  • Power: High-power hot air cannons combine a high airflow and high temperature. This makes it possible for you to quickly and efficiently finish bigger projects, such as paint removal. Low-power hot air pistols can produce high temperatures, but because of their restricted airflow, covering a given surface takes longer.            
  • Adjustability: Hot air blowers with customization settings can be set to various temperatures. As a result, there is less chance of material damage, and it is easier to work with tasks and materials that require particular temperatures.
  • Nozzle:  A good glue gun will use interchangeable nozzles since they may crack after prolonged usage and because glue stick heat is another factor. The nozzles on a hot glue gun can be swapped out for various applications and, if necessary, cleaning.