What are Pressure Washers? 

  • A pressure washer, also known as a power washer, is a high-pressure mechanical sprayer utilized to extract loose paint, mold, grime, dust, muck, and filth from various surfaces and objects, including concrete, vehicles, buildings, and other things.
  • These outdoor cleaning tools, whether power washers or pressure cleaners, operate similarly. Low-pressure water is pumped by an electric or gas engine through a hose and out the machine’s spray nozzle at a higher pressure.
  • Industrial pressure washers are solid and valuable for labor-intensive tasks.

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Powerful Pressure Washers at Affordable Prices from BookMyParts!

  • INGCO Gasoline Pressure Washer GHPW2003
  • INGCO High-Pressure Washer HPWR14008
  • INGCO High-Pressure Washer HPWR18008
  • INGCO High-Pressure Washer HPWR28008

Reviewing the various pressure washer features before purchasing!

  • Hose length: Measured in meters, the hose length connects the central unit to the trigger gun. It is an essential piece of machinery. Consider whether the pressure washer’s size is sufficient for the most frequent tasks you’ll be performing.
  • Lances: The trigger gun is equipped with lances, which allow additional user control over the water flow. They can be utilized to modify water pressure without affecting water usage.
  • Grips and spins: Look for a pressure washer with a handle and wheels if you want to use it for larger projects like washing patios and decks or if you want to store it elsewhere than where you plan to use it. This facilitates movement both before and after the task, as well as maneuvering while working.
  • Accessories: Find accessories that help with washing tasks to get the most out of the water pressure washer.