What are Safety Shoes & Goggles?

  • Safety Shoes: Industrial employees who work in factories can protect their feet from heavy and dangerous elements by wearing safety shoes.
  • BookMyParts offers a fresh selection of safety shoes and boots online that are ideal for use in industrial settings to satisfy the constantly evolving needs of industrial employees. The best protective equipment for sectors including construction, mining, and the iron and steel industries is our extensive selection of safety boots.
  • Since the boots in this collection are made of grain leather, they are appropriate for constant usage in unfavorable working environments. Additionally, they have PU/PVC outsoles, which give them the capacity to withstand punctures.
  • Goggles: Goggles or safety goggles are types of protective goggles that usually cover or protect the area around the eye to prevent eye side effects, water or chemicals from hitting the eye.
  • Goggles are often worn when using power tools such as drills or chainsaws to prevent flying particles from damaging the eyes.

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  • We have developed a variety of safety work boots online, including steel toe, rubber toe, composite toe, fibre toe, plain toe, soft steel toe safety shoes, and more, to keep up with the constantly evolving needs of industry-based users.
  • The safety shoes that BookMyParts offers are chemical hear and oil resistant and meet ISI standards. As a result, they can be employed in various industrial contexts, including factories, oil rigs, construction sites, and excavation sites.
  • We at BookMyParts pay special attention to how our client’s needs change over time. We have developed the highest quality safety shoes from the most prestigious brands, like AGARSONPOWER, AGARSONINNOVA, AGARSON9015, AGARSONROCKFORD, LIBERTYWARRIOR, EVERESTSPORTY, R.SPORTY, and many more, to guarantee that they are given the highest level of protection.
  • Our guiding principle has always been to make high-quality stock selections at fair prices. To give our valued customers the most value for their money, we have kept the cost of our services as low as possible while keeping this in mind. In addition, we offer a wide range of industry necessities in addition to safety shoes, including cutting and machining tools, measuring and testing devices, hand tools, power tools, led & lighting, electrical equipment, etc.

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  • Are you searching online for the top industrial safety boots that fall within your budget? For industrial and individual buyers, BookMyParts, one of the top online retailers of safety items, offers an excellent selection of branded safety shoes. Some of our selection’s leading safety shoe manufacturers are listed below.
  • AGARSONPOWER Safety Shoes.
  • AGARSON9015 Safety Shoes.
  • AGARSON9015 Safety Shoes.
  • LIBERTYWARRIOR Safety Shoes.
  • EVERESTSPORTY Safety Shoes.
  • R.SPORTY Safety Shoes.

Various kinds of Safety Goggles are available at BookMyParts!

  • BMP Safety goggles SUNLINE
  • BMP Safety goggles WD-9004-WHITEZOOM
  • INGCO Safety Goggles HSG02
  • INGCO Safety goggles HSG04
  • INGCO Safety goggles HSG05
  • INGCO Safety goggles HSG06
  • INGCO Welding Goggles HSGW01

Various kinds of Safety Shoes are available at BookMyParts!

  • Low Ankle Safety Shoes – Low-ankle safety shoes can withstand impact, heat, and chemicals. You can use them in harsh industrial environments due to their white lining. Even in hot, humid conditions, they have a highly breathable leather interior that offers a significant cooling effect. The low ankle protection shoes are more comfortable thanks to their lightweight, lightly cushioned collar and tongue. Users benefit from a high level of security thanks to the antistatic and antibacterial lining. These shoes include a comfortable insole, are antistatic, and have a moisture management system, making them cosy for usage outside. 
  • High Ankle Safety Shoes – The upper part of high-ankle safety shoes are created of premium leather. These sneakers have exceptionally flexible and slip-resistant soles. They can therefore help people bypass slipping and falling in slick areas. Because of the delicate stitching and supportive, cushioned insoles, they are comfortable to wear. These high-ankle, black safety boots can be used by professionals working in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil, and gas industries since them are resistant to chemicals and oils. They can be used in warm, muggy conditions.
  • Steel Toe Safety Shoes – Since they are slip-resistant, customers can use steel-toe safety shoes in slick, muddy environments. The wearer is assured of the highest level of comfort thanks to the inclusion of a foam-padded neck and a sturdy heel counter, enabling him to be active for prolonged periods. PU double-density bottoms on steel-toe safety boots ensure high levels of abrasion resistance. These shoes can be used in various industries because they are oil and skid-resistant, such as logistics, petrochemicals, oil and gas, metallurgy, real estate, etc.
  • Composite Toe Safety Shoes – We have upper leather available. These shoes can be worn indoors and outside because they are abrasion, grease, and slip-resistant. They also provide excellent inner made of moisture-channeling spacer mesh with an antibacterial component to keep the foot dry.

Safety shoes may prevent you from getting injuries at construction and mining sites.

  • Workers in the mining sector are constantly in danger and more vulnerable to accidents and injuries. Mine workers are mainly in dark, slick environments, increasing their risk of injury through trips, slips, and falls. By donning the appropriate safety footwear, they can avoid these accidents.
  • Workers in the construction sector are more exposed to a variety of risks, with foot injuries being the most frequent. It is crucial to pick and wear the appropriate safety shoes at the construction site to prevent these potential injuries.