INGCO Tile Cutter HTC04600 | 600mm | With 2 pcs Tungsten carbide blade

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    • click to chat with BookmypartsBrand : Ingco
    • Ingco Item No : HTC04600
    • Tile cutter
    • Max cutting length : 600 mm
    • Max cutting thickness : 12 mm
    • Steel base size : 815 x 195 cm
    • Thickness of the base : 2mm
    • With 2 pcs Tungsten carbide blade
    • Blade size : 16 x 6 x 3 mm
    • Multi-function : Direct line cutting, Diagonal line cutting
    • Diameter of sliding bar : 19 mm
    • Packed by carton box

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    What is an INGCO Tile Cutter HTC04600?

    • Tile cutters work by first scraping the tile surface’s through the line with a sharp metal wheel and then utilizing pressure to each side of the line under and over the straight line.
    • The cutting wheel and braking hop are connected to a carriage that moves with one or two poles so that the vehicle is angled perfectly and cut accurate.
    • The beam height can be tractable to handle different thicknesses of time.

    Why INGCO Tile Cutter HTC04600 should buy?

    • Buy INGCO Tile Cutter HTC04600 online in India at ₹2317 (+18% GST)”. –
    • INGCO POWR TOOLS AND HAND TOOLS – Tile Cutter HTC04600 used to manual tool for cutting

    Features of INGCO Tile Cutter HTC04600 :

    • High-end tile cutters can convey more than 1000 pounds of power when breaking tiles, and they can comfortably grip all tile materials and thicknesses.
    • If you want to make complex cuts or make tile art, a rubber mosaic pad is an essential.
    • Packed by carton box.

    Pros and Cons of INGCO Tile Cutter HTC04600 :

    Pros :

    • Easily practical.
    • Lightweight and mobile.
    • The manual cutter is a practical choice for cutting most tiles, especially ceramic tiles.

    Cons :

    • SO far, No negative issues have been observed.

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    Additional information

    Weight1.5 kg
    Dimensions22.5 x 17 x 8 cm


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      Best Tile Cutter product. Easy to use.

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      High quality and excellent B2B service.

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