INGCO Table Saw 1500W TS15008| 1500W | 4500rpm | With Dust Bag

    50,417 29,908( +18% GST)

    • Brand : Ingco
    • Ingco Item No : TS15008
    • Voltage : 220-240V~50/60Hz
    • Input power : 1500W
    • No-load speed : 4500rpm
    • Blade size : 254mm(10"")*16mm
    • Max cutting capacity : 80mm (90°), 55mm(45 °)
    • Blade Tilting Range : 0-45 Degree
    • Main AL Die Casting Table Top
    • Right And Rear Extension Tables
    • With Left Sliding Table
    • Foldable Stand With Wheels
    • With Dust Bag
    • With Fence, Miter Gauge, Blade, Push Sticker Storage
    • With Battery Laser
    • High Quality Rip Fence Locks From Front & Rear
    • Up and Down Torsion System For Precision Cutting
    • Packed by carton box.

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    What is an INGCO Table saw 1500W TS15008?

    • A table saw is a wood crafting tool consisting of a buzz saw edge installed on an arbour driven by an electrical motor (unless directly, by belt, or by gears).
    • The most important thing about a table is the blade protrudes, which support the fabric, usually wood, and cut.
    • In latest table saws, the base of the cut is altered by moving the blade up and down: the upper the edge points above the table, the deeper the cut that’s created within the matter.

    Why INGCO Table saw 1500W TS15008 should buy?

    • Bookmyparts sells the “Table saw 1500W TS15008at 29,908 (+18% GST), the lowest price.
    • A table saw will help you to create accurate and precise cuts on wood.
    • They form three sets of cuts: cross cut, ripping cut and a dado cut.

    Features of INGCO Table saw 1500W TS15008 :

    1. Safety switch
    2. Overload protection
    3. Dust extraction
    4. Durable steel table with table extensions
    5. Height adjustable saw blade
    6. Angle adjustable saw blade

    Pros and cons of INGCO Table saw 1500W TS15008 :

    Pros :

    • Portability
    • Energy Saving
    • Affordability
    • Multiple uses
    • Safer to use

    Cons :

    • SO far, No negative issues have been observed.

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    Additional information

    Weight5 kg
    Dimensions20 x 15 x 15 cm



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