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    Xbee Explorer – Serial Xbee RS232 Adapter

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    • Zigbee/Xbee modules available from Digi work on 3.3v and are difficultto interface to a controller. This Zigbee/Xbee Xplorer Serial is verysimple to use and using this base board you will be able to connect the zigbeemodule directly to the PC.
    • You can also interface the Zigbee/Xbee module to microcontroller forwhich you will require a MAX232 IC in your circuit. All you have to do isprovide a 9-12V AC/DC supply and you are ready to go.
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    Xbee USB Adapter With Xbee Module

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    • This is a simple to use, USB to serial base unit for the XBee line. This unit works with all XBee modules including the Series 1 and Series 2.5, standard and Pro version.
    • Plug the unit into the XBee Explorer, attach USB cable, and you will have direct access to the serial and programming pins on the XBee unit.The board also has an CP USB to Serial chip on it, meaning you can connect it to your computer via USB.
    • The CP is connected such that you are able to reprogram the XBee modules to change the firmware. The board is powered by the USB cable.This board come up with the XBee XB24-Z7WIT-004 module from Digi.
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