When it comes to machinery manufacturing and spare parts business, no one can beat China. Chinese companies presence in the global markets of machine spare parts is dominant and will be continued for long time. is building close linkages with Chinese machinery and spare parts manufacturers to ensure availability of spare parts for Indian manufacturing sector. According to an estimates, In India, there are more than 50 % of machines used in industries like Textiles, Plastics, Non woven, electrical & automation are from China and Taiwan.

Consequently, Indian manufacturing sector look upon Chinese companies for supply of machine spare parts to run their factories for hassle free production activities.

This week, has invited small delegation from Wenzhou city comprising of leading machinery manufacturers of plastics, non woven and textiles industry. They visited office and warehouses to get a first hand view of  activities and services for Indian manufacturing sector. Delegation also sat with and have reviewed detailed presentation made by Bookmyparts team about how its e-Commerce platform works for procurement as well as selling of machine spare parts in India.

Delegation also visited Non woven Tech Asia exhibition held at Mumbai and KP Tech Non woven Machinery Pvt. Ltd factory to see the manufacturing facilities and production units in the outskirts of Ahmedabad city.

Delegation was represented by Wenzhou Xinda Non woven machinery Ltd., Ruian Export and Import co. Ltd, Experts and professionals representing Plastics and non woven industry of Wenzhou city were also present.

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