Online Selling Holds Good Advantages – CEO to Indian Textile Journal


Creating an online store of industrial machinery spare parts to ease the disordered and messy supply chain of industrial parts to help manufacturing sector saving their time, efforts and money

– Viren Mehta

A precise quote from conversation of b2b marketplace of industrial machinery spare parts online with one of the prestigious textile magazine – The Indian Textile Journal. The CEO Mr. Viren Mehta has recently been interviewed by S Joseph, Editor and Associate Publisher of The Indian Textile Journal on the context of Textile Accessories and Components.

S Joseph has number of crucial areas to be discussed in terms of the success, services and synergy of the online marketplace at current, past and future. The organizational and global view of BMP for spare parts procurement via internet facility without any intermediate entities’.

Started with the effectiveness of online marketplace in the textile segment as where most of the purchase happens under relationship, trust and knowledge of shop owners and manufacturer. One helps another with problem and solution discussion. This segment is also has high believe of credit facility where manufacturer pays shop owner on monthly otherwise quarterly basis. An online purchase where one has to provide amount against spare part is something new the market has to adapt. In the answer to that, CEO has mentioned that according to him this is the high time for online presence of industrial spare parts purchase. Countries like USA, china, japan is already made their presence in the segment for their area. India is currently chaotic and disordered in terms of spare parts procurement and thus there are high hopes for the segment to be ordered and seamless. And added that with past experiences we already have identified and working towards redefining it.

On the point of vision and launch of the b2b marketplace of machine spare parts online and its effectiveness in the textile segment over time, Mehta Suggested that with such hassle of textile spare parts procurement they started the platform in 2016-2017. With initial hassle of purchasing spare parts online among people it was hard work to build trust among them but soon after we got the buzzword, people felt more value with transparency of pricing and supply chain tracking available. It all added more value as everyone now able to save more with the pricing, inventory and working capital “plus” only one place to look for all parts – eliminating hassle of discussion with multiple people explaining issue with your machine… and much more. With 1500+ customers in shorter span now more people are looking for machinery spare parts online with bookmyparts.com. Along with the textile spare parts people are now also making purchase of other products such as transmission belts, bearing, valves, tools and hardware.

While grabbing a bite of advantages of selling spare parts online India is evolved with fewer elements in procurement chain, trustworthy logistics partner for delivery. Seeing our future as digitizing our customers procurement plan entirely through BMP so that they can focus on their core strength of production and customer acquisition. BMP already has seen success in textile industry segments like weaving, spinning and non woven with multiple repeat orders. Such parts are required to be replaced for quality purpose. We have given them express service with required parts via our procurement network.

On the view of modus operandi  of bookmyparts.com for procuring spare parts and components  to benefit manufacturer and distributor, with very distinct views he opened up the comments with having transparency over product detailing, Image and name to make their search easier. Factories and distributors help us and themselves with the local name of products to reach for more people who require such parts. Adding to all these the platform is also having support email and contact number in case of any clarification or suggestion customer requires. Manufacturers also get risk free business from financial point of view as customer pays against purchase.

With a stringent on-boarding process we have made BMP preventing on-boarding of spawned sellers. Also the advantage falls with sticking up to only industrial segments unlike competitors who are also dealing in furniture, office accessories and other off the shelf items. Making us distinctively unique with no competition at all, Making the highly potential and definite growth prospects for online marketers. Soon BMP is visioning to add the non conventional method of spare parts selling with advantage of internet and modern technology, other tool and new paradigms of online marketing and promotion.

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