Bombay Machine – Indore – first INGCO store in Madhya Pradesh State


Ingco Tools launched by is gaining ground across India, starting with Gujarat state. With aggressive online marketing and branding strategy and Ingco products quality, range and affordable price structure in place, Ingco tools are becoming popular despite very stiff competition by established foreign brands and local manufacturers as well.


Bombay Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd – Indore has become the first ever Ingco store open in Indore city at Madhya Pradesh state in India. In fact, Bombay Machine Tools is very established and old firm based in Indore for more than six decades. There third generation is now into business and have given a new dimension and vision  to power tools business in Madhya Pradesh state. Indore city is the most industrialized  city in the state as well in Central India. It has wide industrial belt and leading manufacturing base across the width and breadth of the city.


Their strong legacy and powerful customer and service orientation has helped them to expand their presence in Indore city over the years. They have very good team in place and existing customer industrial as well as wholesale businesses in Indore are regularly buying from us.


“With and Ingco, we are more comfortable in doing business as our philosophy and thought processes are matched. We believe in quality, customer service and delivering value proposition, same manner and Ingco are conscious about the customer and quality, so it works very well and businesses continue to happen when you share a common vision” says Mr. Kudarati, Chairman of Bombay Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd.


  1. Hatim Bandookwala

    MP’s First syatamatic And Barcoding Product Showroom.

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