Why Bookmyparts.com?

Manufacturing in India is a key to achieve higher economic growth and to facilitate manufacturing, procurement of machine spare parts is a key element. Industrial supply chain of spare parts is disordered and messy, at Bookmyparts, we have created industrial products online store to help manufacturing sector to source spare parts online. This will help factories to buy parts conveniently and quickly saving their time, efforts and money.

Due to lack of timely availability of machinery spare parts manufacturing units suffers production loss, productivity and labor losses. With Bookmyparts’ hassle free online industrial supply we aim to alter the dynamics of supply chain of machine spare parts business.

Online spare parts shop on Book my parts ensure quick availability of spares so that manufacturers need not invest on the spare parts inventory and save on working capital and inventory space. Spare parts Management plays very important role in achieving the desired plant availability at optimum cost. At present, industries are going for capital intensive, mass production oriented and sophisticated technology. The downtime for such plant and machinery is quite expensive. It has been noticed in many industries that the non-availability of spare parts, as and when required for repairs, contributes to as much as 50% of the total down time.

At the same time, the cost of spare parts is more than 50% of total maintenance cost in the industry. It is an irony to note that the maintenance department is complaining of the non-availability of the spare parts to meet their requirement and finance department is facing the problem of increasing locked up capital in spare parts inventory. This signifies the vital importance of spare parts management in any organisation. Bookmyparts.com intends to fill the gap and make the supply chain of machine spare parts robust, responsive and efficient.

How we are different?

In industries like Textiles, nonwoven, plastics, packaging, tools and hardware, electrical, automation etc. the requirements of machinery spare parts is unique and opaque at times, therefore it requires better understanding of machine make and design, operational and other aspects. Bookmyparts having in-build domain expertise on industrial equipment supply can fulfill the requirement much easier.

Another thing, spare parts are not that easily available in the market as they are not fast moving items. The OEMs have to supply the spares in most of the cases. New models are introduced to incorporate the design improvements while old models are phased out. Therefore the spares for old models are not readily available. Particularly, this is more so in case of imported machinery as the design changes are taking place faster in the developed countries.

The number and variety of spare parts sometimes are too large making the monitoring more and more complex. Also, there is a tendency from the stage of purchase of the equipment to the stage of the use of the spare parts, to requisition spare parts more number than that are actually required and accumulation of spares takes place.

Finally, the pace of consumption of spare parts for some are very high and for some are very low. These  are challenges faced by systematic spare parts management. The objective of spare parts management must be to ensure the availability of spares at given time.

Machine parts online business is at an early stage in India, however the vertical specific spare parts online platform capable to handle quirky requirements is the unique ability of team @ bookmyparts.com

Add to this, machine spare parts imported from countries like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc. wherein the procurement of spare parts for the imported machinery is a painful process, bookmyparts makes it easier for manufacturers to procure machinery spare parts for imported machines in Textiles, Nonwoven, plastics and other industries as well.

One Stop Destination for All Machine Spare Parts

At Bookmyparts.com, we have a wide range of machine spares available to sort, select, check and pay facilities with free shipping service for order more than certain value. We make sure that your spare parts online shopping experience is worthwhile.

Bookmyparts.com intends to support every organisation in establishing an effective spare parts management system through continuous communication, fulfilling their requirements at an affordable price on a timely basis.

We keep on adding, updating and upgrade information plus online features of entire product range of machine spare parts to assist your procurement team in a comprehensive manner. We tie-up with suppliers, manufacturers at SMEs and MSMEs all level across India to enrich product portfolio of machine tools and spare parts. Bookmyparts.com regularly offers special pricing deals and attractive benefits on periodic basis.


Bookmyparts.com Credentials

Bookmyparts.com has been awarded with Digital India Excellence Award 2017 by PAN IIM World Management Conference @ Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, India. Bookmyparts is one of top best project featured in Digital India Compendium Hand Book published by IIM Lucknow